Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sleep in my room that same night?

I tend to say no. Air out the room. Give it at least 12 hours before you move in again.

What should I do about my pets?

We are pet friendly. We have found out most pets settle down after 20 minutes and forget about us. But do what makes you comfortable. We do work with your pets. Birds, however, should be removed from the painting area if oil paints are being used.

Do I need to be home when you paint?

No. We just need access to your home and a way to lock up when we are finished for the day. We can even text or e-mail progress pictures if desired.

Do you need a deposit to start work?

On most jobs, 1/2 deposit is required on the first day that we start your job. The balance is due when you are satisfied with the job.

Can we save money by using a "primer, paint all in one" paint?

Yes and no. Yes if there is no bare sheetrock or bare spackle from sheetrock repairs. No if there is bare sheetrock or repairs to the walls. The material in sheetrock or spackle actually removes (absorbs) the shine from your paint as it dries. You will see dark areas on the walls where spackle or new sheetrock has been applied. These “primer paint in ones” are made for color change only.

How many coats of paint do you apply?

Most jobs get two coats, whether interior or exterior. At times a coat of primer will need to be applied before the finish paint can be put on.

Should I move the furniture?

That would be a great help. But if there are big items (china cabinet, etc.) then we will need you to empty them and we will move them. When the painting is completed, we will put the room back as we found it and vacuum.

Who will be working in my home?

I (Carl) will be working in your home. With me will be a couple of other painters.

How long does it take to paint a room?

A 12″ X 12′ room can take one or two days depending on windows, doors and wall repair.

What paint finish is best for walls?

It’s all about lifestyle. With young children in the home, a washable paint finish like eggshell shine is best. If children have flown the coop, then a flat finish is good. With a flat finish, imperfections in the walls are not seen as much. Increase the shine to an eggshell or satin, and then you will see bumps and lines.